The HuRTy 1 by Latifah Saafir

$ 36.00

The HuRTy 1 ruler takes the pain out of sewing Half Rectangle Triangles. It is a cutting and trimming ruler that makes cutting and sewing a breeze. You get your wonderful precision in squaring them up! It makes 14 HRT sizes including 11 with the most popular HRT ratio of 1:2 with the smallest being 1” x 2” and the largest 6” x 12”. It also includes fun skinny 1:6 HRTs. from 1” x 6” to 2” x 12”. Scan QR Code on ruler to access video tutorials and other support material.

  • Made of: Acrylic
  • Use: Quilting / Cutting and Trimming Tool
  • Size: 6-1/2in x 12-1/2in x 1/8in
  • Contents: One Trim Tool
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