On Williams Street

On Williams Street started in January 2014 on a quiet little street. Two sisters with a dream to cover the world with great looking quilts. We come from a house full of girls with a very creative mother. She taught us all to love art and imagination. Yes, alligators will try to get your toes when you pull the stopper for the bathtub and don’t get out in time.

Missy is the oldest of 6 girls and the favorite aunt of 14 nieces and nephews (so far). When she’s not quilting, she’s creating something amazing in the kitchen. With a culinary background, there’s always something yummy to be made. Missy loves working with applique and bringing textural elements into her quilting. She has always been drawn to flowers and enjoys finding ways to bring their color, shapes, and movement into quilting.

Kimie is #4 in the line of girls. She’s also a wife and mother to 4 of her own, 2 boys and 2 girls, that keep her moving. She made her first pieced quilt when she had her oldest and never looked back. One of her favorite parts of making quilts is the quilting and she has now added a longarm machine to her collection. When she isn’t quilting or chasing kids, Kimie also loves building furniture and napping.

Our mother taught us to sew as soon as our feet could touch the pedals. We sewed clothes for many years and Missy still sneaks in a dress or skirt here or there. Quilting has evolved over time for us. It started with the big quilt frames that filled our mom’s living room, they made great playhouses and hide-a-ways when a quilt was on them. We spent hours tying those quilts with yarn and loved them. Then it changed to fun little panels that were hand quilted, either with the yarn or regular thread. But as we have learned and grown, we have discovered all the different techniques and the joy of cutting up fabric, just to sew it back together. We love working together to create fun and imaginative quilts for all ages. We hope you will enjoy making them and love your quilts for years to come.