Rosie & River Roo quilt/textile art pattern by Sew Quirky

$ 18.00

When it comes to rearing babies, the kangaroo is a super Mum! Those big feet support, ground and connect Rosie Roo with the earth, giving her the strength to protect, care and love her joey. Rosie sports a pouch on her belly which cradles her precious joey, River. A bad ass Mumma, Rosie will box and kick any opponent to protect her family from any danger! Resilient and tough, Rosie handles the heat, drought, bushfires and even predators. She is strong and selfless, with a wonderful maternal instinct to care and love her joey.

An interesting fact about Kangaroos – they can’t move backwards! This doesn’t worry Rosie, she’s always moving forward, always inspiring her mob and thriving as an authentic icon of Australia.

Finished size: 24in x 24in textile art

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